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On-Site Dining

The Fundamental Spice of Life


Getting through the work day is rarely easy. That's why they call it work!. It's never any harder than when you're hungry. Every team needs to able to get the nourishment they need to make it home again - coffee and a snack in the morning, something made fresh for lunch, maybe something sweet in the afternoon. Let's face it - food is fundamental.

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Convenience & Quality.

Evolution is a whole new concept in On-Site Dining. Designed by chefs, we started with a food hall concept to offer a variety of choices that appeal to modern tastes.


Evolution Kitchens are designed to your specifications to reflect the culture of your organization. Our expert chefs and food service teams create a variety of healthy and fresh options with creative menu selections, with an emphasis on global cuisine.


CK Kiosks at each station make ordering and payment easy, reduce costs, and facilitate quick service times. Evolution Kitchens are ideal for large businesses with around 600 or more employees at their location.


By emphasizing local resources and embracing global flavors, we're able to satisfy nearly any appetite.

An Evolution Kitchen at your workplace is an investment in your employees happiness and well being. They have their choice of hot, hearty meals, fresh salads, sandwiches, entrees, wraps and much more, available onsite and prepared by a skilled culinary team.


We typically serve breakfast and lunch, but the service schedule is determined by the workplace.

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