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A Fresh Idea!

A Customized Solution Straight from our Kitchen


Not every location is suitable for on-site food service. Maybe there's no space for it, or your population is simply to small. Company Kitchen has hot food solutions that can make offering lunch or dinner options to your associates a breeze, regardless.

Our Hot Food Now! program, and our CK2U Delivery system were designed to make hot food available in locations or areas that lack kitchen or serving areas. We prepare food in one of our nearby kitchen facilities and deliver it, hot and fresh to your location.


Meals can be purchased through our CK APP, or using our PICO Cellular Pay Station. That means your team gets quality food, convenient service and quick, secure transactions.


You team will love it

A brown bag lunch is fine sometimes, and leftovers will get you by once in awhile. But everyone loves a hot, freshly made meal. That's what we do! When your associates can run to the breakroom and get a delicious lunch in just a few minutes, everyone benefits.

Made from Scratch

Because our food service solutions are customized they're designed exactly to fit your needs. Our SOP is to tailor our services to best suit your location and culture. We can deliver food freshly prepared in one of our kitchens to all your operations, no matter how far-flung.

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